Before the dawn of civilization, human beings have testified their aesthetic sense. The language in use was that of art. Ideas and views were communicated through art even before man developed their language. Such expression of ideas can still be on the walls of Altamira and Bhimbhetka caves. In today’s canvas of modern art, handicrafts have an important place. Picasso had incorporated African folk art in his work, whereas Henry Moore has drawn influence from the Aztec and Incan art. Thus, we can realize the power vested in the lineage of folk art.
Urban life has shunned away folk art. Two thousand years ago the royal court gave way to the establishment of court art by the order of the king but folk art has survived on its own, weaving its own story. Whatever little is left of this creative surge, its survival without a patron is very tough. The uniqueness of the crafts can only be felt once you come in contact with them. 
We are a family of like-minded people based in Kolkata, passionate about art and craft. Here we believe handicrafts are not just for the collectors and art connoisseurs but for anyone and everyone who appreciates creativity. 
At Craft2Art, we aim at merging the gap between the ingenious art forms and the modern world; revealing the dexterity of the artisans and propagating the culture of folk art. Our products are sourced directly from their point of manufacture, which is from the villages where these hand-crafted marvels are made. Every item we offer has a story behind it, a distinct cultural identity that proesses the quiet art of the unseen artisan, a motif of expression for the modern Indian and of course a story that decorates through time and space the value of the creative, yet contemporary.
Color your lifestyle with what fascinates you from among our handcrafted collection of Dokra Sculptures, Wooden Masks, Wooden Dolls, Shola-pith wall decors and many more.
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